If Anemones Were Human

Why did I choose this place
to anchor myself?
That spot beneath the outcrop
would have been so much better–

not that it would matter, if I had
higher tentacle performance. Why
can’t I be more consistent?
Oh, I’m being too hard on myself.
Tidepool–it’s right there
in the name. The tide goes in
and out; variation is in
the scheme of it.

But I should be better. I bet
the others are better, and manage
to gather more plankton
even at low tide.

These tentacles are too small and spindly.
I need to exercise more. Look, over there,
those are so thick and wave
so much more gracefully. Perhaps
I’m eating too much plankton, or maybe
the wrong kind.

If only there were no tide
maybe I could get my act together.

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